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You've really made my day... I'm glad that someone out there knows...Just how strong I really am.
~ Yuuichiro about Doppo Orochi.

Yuuichiro Hanma (範馬 勇 一郎, Hanma Yūichirō) is an important figure of the anime and manga series, Grappler Baki or Baki. He is the father of Yuujiro Hanma and grandfather of Jack Hanma and Baki Hanma. He is the only other man besides his son to have single handedly defeat the United States on his homeland of Okinawa during World War II as he defeated over 2,000 US soldiers using a one technique.


Not much is known about Yuuichiro's outward personality, but it is noted from Mitsunari Tokugawa that he is the complete opposite of his son Yuujiro. This implies that he is possibly much kinder than him, as shown when he supports his grandson Baki in the fight against his father much to Yuujiro's anger. Also, Yuuichiro seems to be a quite carefree and calm person. This may be considered as one of the reasons why Yuujiro always so harsh on Baki since he reminds Yuujiro of his own father.

There is evidence that shows he can be rather ruthless shown during the battle of Okinawa, when he fought and brutally beats the American soldiers in a completely gruesome way (twisting necks and broken bones, for example). However, it can be somehow justified since they are invading his home.


Yuuichiro is a very large muscular man with exceptionally large broad shoulders noted by many not to be considered human. He has dark-colored hair that he ties in a simple ponytail. Like many men in the Hanma bloodline, he has the "demon" on his back muscles. Yuuichiro also has cauliflower ears due to his grappling battles.

On the battlefield, he was wearing no shirt or footwear but simply dons on a pair of simple drawstring shorts.

Powers and Abilities

The true depths of Yuuichiro's strength is still currently unknown, but those who've come across him suggest he is inhumanly strong. As such shown in the Battle of Okinawa to be the only other man in the world besides his son to single-handedly defeat the USA during WWII. It is unknown if Yuuichiro is stronger than Yuujiro, but it is stated that he was the only man he never defeated (however there is currently no evidence of them having fought at all in the past). This is most likely due to Yuuichiro's death which occurred most likely when Yuujiro was quite young. This is exemplified by his shocked and fearful expression when his father's spirit appeared to support Baki.

Yuuichiro is only known to use one technique to defeat two thousand US soldiers on the battleship Iowa. Many of the soldiers call this technique "dress" only for Yuujiro to correct it by stating the real technique was really called "guise". The user uses his opponent as a human weapon like a "nunchaku" surrounding himself in a spiritual image that looks like a dress. The power behind his throws is powerful enough that he is able to kill just about anyone he hits instantly. Its power is so immense, that when Major General James was thrown to the wood of the Iowa battleship, a wood durable enough to withstand direct attacks from big weapons, his corpse pierced through it. Furthermore, he can perform his variation of the technique so blindly fast that entire squadrons of soldiers can’t turn their guns fast enough to defend themselves against this truly gruesome move.

When Doppo Orochi started to fight him, he ends up possibly breaking Yuuichiro's jaw. This incident may hint that Yuuichiro might in fact be weaker than his son (Yuujiro endured Doppo's blows considerably more brutal than a kick to the jaw without being harmed). It could mean Yuuichiro simply let Doppo attack him as a way of testing Doppo's strength, given his glib and carefree behavior towards the latter before and after the fact. However, since it's hard to assess how strong Doppo was at this stage it's possible Yuuichiro is less durable than his son.

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style


  • Dress
  • Demon Face



  • Yuuichiro's character is probably based on the real-life Japanese judoka and professional wrestler, Masahiko Kimura. To consider that Yuuichiro was based on Kimura, it is quite possible that Yuuichiro lost a prizefight on purpose to earn treatment fees for his ill wife.