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Yuuji Sakamoto is the deuteragonist of the light novel/anime Baka and Test : Summon the Beasts. He is the representative of Class 2-F and he is Akihisa Yoshii's best/worst friend.

In Baka and Test : Summon the Beasts

Yuuji act as the main strategist of his class during the "summoning test war". Due to his classmates's poor grades, he must relie on tricks and traps. He gives orders to his friends to make sure his plans work well. His strategics work well as it gets victories class 2-F. However, his plans consist of cowardly attacks and conflicts between classes.


Yuuji is laid-back individual. He is smarter but he doesn't study. However, if he has to study for his own sake or his classmate, he will do it. He was once a child prodigy at elementary school along with his childhood friend Shouko Kirishima.

Yuuji is seem to have cowardly and sadistic instincts. He loves to talk down ur bullying Akihisa due to his stupidity. He is also very affraid of Shouko's wrath. However, he can be kind and compassionate as he was willing to protect Shouko and her feelings. He also once protect Akihisa from other bullies. He seems to understand sometimes Akihisa's hard life. His morals are still, however, questionable.

Yuuji has feelings for Shouko but he won't admit it and he doesn't like showing it.

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