Z'an Al'urin is a villainess turned heroine of the 2001 Fantasy Action Adventure Video Game, Arcanum Of Stemworks & Magick Obscura.


The Living One and the heroes meet her in T'sen Ang and she's the warrior priestess of the dark elves and is surprised by The Living One's honesty but says he or she is in risk for exposing he or she to her. It's probably because he or she is The Living One, even though Al'urin doesn't know that. However she does know that he or she is not from T'sen Ang and she gives them a warning that he or she being in T'sen Ang is dangerous and that meeting her has accelerated the process of the danger.

Which still remains to be seen she then says and one of the things that separates her from her brothers and sisters is she's seeking answers to difficult questions and blind devotion to a cause is the easy route to take, which can also be foolish. She says she wants to take a great way to travel in life and that it has something to do with he or she. She also says The Living One walking into T'sen Ang was a latticework of wood and iron, which was a great weight that weighed nothing at all. Then after she talks about what is different from the dark elves and the elves of Quintarra, Arronax, and the dark elve's plan, she talks more of her visions and that The Living One is important to her.

Al'urin says too that there's something wrong of who and what the dark elves are working for and what they have done and later with the hero's or heroine's strong charisma and persuasion, they get her as a follower. She talks about her visions of cities, towns, and quests. She even talks and brings up great things with Loghaire and The Wheel Clan, that Lorek, the most evil dwarf of Arcanum was of his clan and thanks to her and Magnus they convince Loghaire and The Wheel Clan that she now follows the way of the righteous.

Then later she talks and hangs out with Arronax and tells him she plans to kill him but sure enough realizes that he has nothing to do with the events of the game and her people but Kerghan, the main antagonist and first of the necromancers of Arcanum, is really responsible and then says to him he's free after so many years of prison. After Kerghan's defeat, Al'urin probably lives the rest of her life in peace or something.  

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