Good day. I am the Destroyer Max Schultz. But, Max is fine. Pleased to meet you.

The German destroyer Z3 Max Schultz was a Type 1934 destroyer built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine in the mid-1930s. She was named after Max Schultz who commanded the torpedo boat V69 and was killed in action in January 1917. Shortly before the beginning of World War II, the ship accidentally rammed and sank a German torpedo boat. Max Schultz spent the following month under repair. In mid-February 1940, while proceeding into the North Sea to search for British fishing trawlers, one of her sisters, Z1 Leberecht Maass, was bombed and sunk by a patrolling German bomber. While trying to rescue survivors, Max Schultz struck a British mine and sank with all hands.


Z3 Max Schultz has short auburn hair and brown eyes. She wears a beret that has her name written on it and a sailor collared military uniform with no bottom that matches Z1 Leberecht Maass's.


Like Lebe, she also dislikes mines, due to her historical counterpart being sunk by the same mines that may have sank Z1, in the process of trying to rescue survivors from the latter.


  • As with Z1 & many Type 1934 destroyers, she was named after a German naval officer who died during World War I.
  • Hit a naval mine & sunk on February 22, 1940.
  • Buildable in normal construction with Z1 set as flagship.
  • The 'Z' in her name stands for Zerstörer, which is German for destroyer.
  • She received her second upgrade on 28/03/2014, together with Z1 & Kirishima.
    • 改 means "remodelled" (for the first time), 改二 means "remodelled a second time", etcetera. However, German ships use Zwei (two) & Drei (three) for 改二 & 改三, respectively, omitting the 改.
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