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Zachary "Zach" Mitchell is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Gray Mitchell) of the 2015 sci-fi adventure film Jurassic World. He is the nephew of Claire Dearing, and the older brother of Gray Mitchell.

Zach is portrayed by Nick Robinson, who also portrays Ryder Scanlon in Melissa & Joey, Charlie Mills in Being Charlie, Ben Parish in The 5th Wave, Olly Bright in Everything, Everything, and Simon Spier in Love, Simon.


The mother of Zach and his brother, Gray, allowed the two to take a trip to the dinosaur park, Jurassic World, where their aunt, Claire Dearing, was the operations manager. They were supervised by Claire's personal assistant, Zara, as Claire was too busy to spend time with her nephews. Their known actions while visiting include being spectators in the Mosasaurus Feeding Show and going on a Gyrosphere ride. However, the park's latest attraction, a genetic hybrid named the Indominus rex, escaped during their trip. She attacked Zach and his brother while they were still in their Gyrosphere, but did not kill them. Some point after this attack he and his brother went into the restricted area of Isla Nublar where they found the ruins of the Visitor Center.

At one point amidst the chaos, Zach and Gray made it to Main Street only for a mixed flock of Dimorphodon and Pteranodon that were freed from their enclosure to attack the humans in the area. During this assault, they witnessed a Pteranodon pick up Zara and fly off with her, which led to Zara falling into the Mosasaurus' containment tank and both her and the Pteranodon being consumed by the aforementioned reptile. When the Indominus rex arrived, Owen Grady protected them from the hybrid.


Zach initially came across as highly aloof and uninterested towards anything in general, with the exception of attractive teenage girls. He expressed difficulty in showing any emotion beyond indifference, to the point he was unwilling to tell his girlfriend he loved her before he departed for the park. He is calm, level-headed and composed even in life and death situations; like when he and his younger brother Gray were attacked by the rampaging Indominus rex, he did not panic. Zach is the far more mature of the two siblings; when he learned from Gray that their parents are getting divorced, although he is upset about it, he knows there is nothing they can do about it. This awareness does not prevent him from behaving overly cold towards Gray, something which deeply saddens their mother. Over the course of the park disaster however, the danger he faces alongside his brother brings out his more caring side, proving he will do anything to protect his little brother no matter what.


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