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Zak Knight is a supporting character turned major antagonist in the Disney Animated series The Warrior of the Quest.

She is a supporting character for the first seasons and is the main antagonist of the two season.

She is voiced by Elijah Wood who also voiced brother of Marco Williams Lake.



Zak Knight was created by Zirdak She was assigned to act as a mentor and advisor for each generation.

A thousand years prior to the series, Zak Knight was assigned to Katy, the current holder of Armor's power. Despite her programming, she eventually befriended Mara and grew close to her as time went on. Under Katy's positive influence, Zak Knight began to develop emotions and a personality.

Season 1

After rest of Armor herself following a spore cloud storm at Scott. Marco anger to button actived must make finds a memory of her time with Katy in her archives, which she promptly deletes. After managing to remove the Light Sword and slay the Force to hold onto the Dimenison world, Zak Knight died in the Magical to the death.

Season 2

Zak Knight is mentioned did not never appear in the Season 2 to portal stuck his death.


Zak Knight is ultimately to kill them Katy memory find her to protector destroy the Planet. When an killing her Zak Knight to be death in the process portal.


  • The name Zak is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "the Lord has remembered". This zippy short form of Zachary is more and more often standing on its own -- sometimes as Zac, Zach, Zack, or even Zakk -- but this simple-yet-straightforward version may be the very best.
  • Zak Knight is similar to Queen Angella from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.