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Zarina Kassir is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in Chains of Hate. A plucky documentarian Zarina uses both her intellect and street smarts to avoid detection and assist her fellow survivors.


Zarina grew up in her foreign household in Brooklyn and to avoid ridicule would go by the name Karina and throw out her lunch to avoid bullying. Zarina soon accepted herself and when she became older became a journalist who would allow people to speak their minds on camera. One inside report that she did was for a restaurant with an exploitive and abusive owner who often didn't pay his employees. Zarina took a job their and was fired after 3 weeks of unpaid work for demanding a paycheck and sent her videos and information to the news who, much to the embitterment of Zarina spun her story to create sympathy for the restaurant. Zarina became and independent journalist who produced an investigation film about 2 immigrants who were executed winning first prize. Soon her father was murdered and the perpertrator was arrested for manslaughter Zarina soon bribed the warden of Hellshire Prison to let her speak to him and got him to shed more light. Other prisoners began coming forward with stories with the one about the abandoned Hellshire wing that was sealed off after the "Mad Mick Massacre" many years ago when and Irish outlaw slaughtered the warden and guards in cold blood (the truth was they attempted to double cross him) and she gained access to the sealed off wing by blending in with a tourist group and found the outlaw's old jail cell finding the words "DEATH TO BAYSHORE" carved into the wall one of the bricks fell and she fished an old rusted wrench out of the wall and turned around to find a vision of her dead father as fog began to engulf the cell. Zarina was dragged into the Entity's realm where she now uses her expertise to help other survivors like her escape from the Entity's servants including the very same Irish outlaw that massacred the warden and his guards at the Hellshire prison.


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