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Commander Zavala

Commander Zavala is one of the main heroes of Destiny video game. He is an Titan who serves as Commander of the Vanguard and leader of the City's standing forces, which he mentors other Titans who come to him. He makes it his lifelong goal to safeguard humanity within the Last City against all threats. He supervises all military operations throughout the story during the conflict. He oversees all Guardian military operations, and led the Guardians to victory in both the Taken War and Red War. In the aftermath of both conflicts Zavala has become increasingly isolationist and reluctant to commit Guardians to conflicts outside of the Last City.



Zavala is very experienced, strong and charismatic, thus making him a perfect example of the Titan class of Guardian and a gifted leader that leads the Vanguard with the utmost determination. Zavala's first priority is the protection of the Last City and takes that charge seriously. His life goal is to defeat the Last City's enemies and reclaim the Solar System. Zavala has complete faith in the Guardians purpose in defending those in need. For this reason, he disapproves of those who doubt The Guardians abilities while espousing the dangers of the Last City's enemies, such as Eris Morn. Despite this, Zavala finds the value and skills in everyone and will defer to their advice when needed.

While Zavala is a capable, strategic leader, he can appear stern and orthodox to others, especially Cayde-6, whose care-free attitude annoys Zavala to no end. While he would prefer people to follow orders and the chain-of-command, he will admit when an unorthodox strategy works. Though he can at times clash with Cayde, he nonetheless considers Cayde both a teammate and a friend. In contrast, he gets along well with Ikora Rey, though he has little patience for Warlock curiosity.



  • He is voiced by Lance Reddick.
  • He seems to be familiar with the works of the ancient Chinese war general Sun Tzu, as he is heard paraphrasing The Art of War.
  • His armor is the Jovian Guard, a PlayStation exclusive Armor set, although the symbols are different denoting his status as the Titan Vanguard.

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