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Zed is a female Anubian Baskurr currently owned by Kevin Levin, and formerly by Khyber.

Her vocal sound effects were provided by Paul Eiding, who also played Max Tennyson in the same series.


Zed is a dinosaur and dog-like alien, being blueish-grey in color. She has spike-like hair running down from her collar to the tip of her tail. She has sharp red eyes and black lines on her neck and legs.

Powers and Abilities

Zed is shown to be very fast, agile, and strong (she was able to throw Ben with ease). She also has a strong sense of smell which enables her to detect if something is wrong, as exhibited in Mystery Incorpreal when she suspected something wrong with Gwen's college classmate Dante.


Zed had the Nemitrex on her former collar that would allow her to transform into predators of of any one of Ben's aliens. Nine predatory species have been used by Zed:

  • Crabdozer, a star-like rhino creature which is Heatblast's natural predator.
  • A Buglizard, which is Stinkfly's natural predator.
  • Slamworm, a giant subterranean worm which is Armadrillo's natural predator.
  • Mucilator, an enormous grotesque frog which is Crashhopper's natural predator.
  • Terroranchula, a giant four-legged spider which is Ball Weevil's natural predator.
  • Tyrannopede, a dinosaure which is Humungousaur's natural predator.
  • Hypnotick, a Psycholeopterran which is Big Chill's natural predator.
  • Omnivoracious, a giant bird which is Grey Matter's natural predator.
  • Vicetopus, a huge, waterless crimson-red, brown-spotted and beaked octopus which is Brainstorm's natural predator.


Zed isn't at all loyal and can be manipulated by any whistle that is in the same frequency as Khyber's gills, as displayed by Azmuth in Showdown:Part 1. In that same episode, it is shown that Zed can be tamed if someone scratches behind her ear; however, this does not last. According to Khyber, feeding Zed dulls her hunting instinct.

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