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Zeitgeist is a character from Marvel Comics. His power is vomiting with a very strong caustic acid.

In Deadpool 2, he is played by Bill Skarsgård.


Deadpool 2

Zeitgeist appears as one of the main members of X-Force, which successfully goes through the interview phase with Deadpool and Weasel, when he tells them about his powers, harsh vomiting. After familiarizing the team with the plan to rescue Russell from prison transport, he is then seen aboard a transport aircraft along with the rest of X-Force, ready to take off the action. Although Peter warns the team against the strong winds and the danger posed by the parachute, Wade ignores him and the team jumps off the plane. It seems that everything will work well until the wind does not leave all the band members out of the route, except for Wade and Domino. Zeitgeist meets with the end of his life landing in an industrial machine. When Peter tries to save him, Zeitgeist inadvertently vomits on him, killing him as well.

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