SFV Zeku

Zeku is one of the heroes from the Street Fighter series.


The story begins with a brief history of the 600-year-old art of Businryu, but after teaching Art to Guy, Zeku is ready to branch and create a new martial arts style. He sought disciples in new art and took him to the Kanzuki Estate, where he (in his young form) was first welcomed by Ibuki; in two fight, Zeku later proposed to Ibuki to join his new order, but Ibuki didn't even consider this proposal and was disappointed with the true age of Zeku.

However, Zeku eventually found Karin and offered his services; after initially rejecting the offer, Zeku insisted on working for her, naming him as a ninja "many in these eras of globalization". Karin asked for demonstrations when she considered it, and her skills left a deep impression when she lost her battle. Zeku left and assured Karin that she could contact him when needed. But later on, people saw that Zeku was considering the possible contribution of his evolutionary art to modern society.

He concluded that his new art needed a name, but after considering the name "Shin Bushinryu", he decided to name the English more suitable for modern English. The end of the story is next to his new name in art, taking into account names such as "Striders".


  • Despite his connection to Guy and the Bushinryu style, Zeku never actually appeared in the Final Fight game series.


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