Omni-King (全王, Zen’ō; lit. "King of All") is the co-kings of the 12 universes along with his future self.

He is voiced by Satomi Kōrogi in the Japanese version, and by Sarah Wiedenheft in the English version.


The Omni-King is a very small humanoid figure. He has a rather blank expression on his face and has purple and blue stripes on his face as well. He also has no nose present. He wears a pink vest on his body and on the front has two "omni" kanjis (全) present. His head has a rather lemon like shape, with his two ears being pointed and grey.


Zen-Oh, despite being the supreme ruler of the multiverse, is a childish being who seeks to have fun. He maintains the facade of having a general indifference about life, as well as all the other stuff within the multiverse, having destroyed six of the eighteen universes after a bout of anger, and also destroying several planets in a game he played with his future self 202 times. In the manga version of the Universe Survival Saga, however, it is implied by Grand Minister that the real reason why he destroyed the aforementioned six universes was simply to get rid of what he felt were too many universes. He apparently wished to decrease that number further for some time, with the Tournament of Power being the perfect opportunity to do so. Even more, this indifference seems to extend to the gods themselves, seemingly rendering him a remorseless being to his peers, and was shown to not even be affected by Roh's horrified crying out of his name. He also shows some degree of sadism, as shortly after erasing Universe 9, he proceeded alongside his future counterpart to say "bye-bye!" in a joking tone, as well as being heard laughing childishly while erasing the universe. He and his counterpart also said "squish" in a light-hearted, delighted tone when they were erasing Universe 3. Furthermore, he seems to be incapable of understanding the horrible action of erasing trillions of lives in a single universe, since he and his future counterpart wonder why everyone in the Tournament of Power stop fighting after witnessing the entire universe getting erased.

In spite of all this, Zeno and his future counterpart was later revealed to actually have good intentions behind their callous erasure of the universes: From the beginning, both of them would only tolerate the tournament prize, the wish of the Super Dragon Balls, to be used to restore all the erased universes and if the wish were to be an egotistical one, they would have erased all existence, including the exempt universes as that would have meant that the winning universe was no better than the erased ones and that the exempt were no more worthy of existing than the others. They tempted Android 17 to use the Super Dragon Balls for other purposes but when he was able to persist and restore the universes, they were clearly pleased and despite there being no reward for the winning universe apart from survival, he still bumped up the rating of Universe 7 so that can be considered a good reward in it's own regard. This shows that Zen-Oh, for all his child-like demeanor and seeming amorality, was actually wise and noble and never intended to go as far as to destroy so many universes and was only intending to teach the mortals and gods a lesson, having seen their arrogance, to not take their universes for the granted and boast of their might so they would learn humility. Overall, it could be said that even if Zen-Oh may not care for any individual mortal or god apart from the angels and Goku, he does have compassion for the living beings of the multiverse as a whole and wants them to survive and better themselves and likewise also values mortals as long as they prove capable of selflessness. As Zen-Oh has repeatedly showed, he seems frustrated with the fact that the Gods of the Universes tend to either lack in bettering their universes or boast over their universe abilities, thus seeking to humble them with the Tournament.

Even before the revelation of his true intentions during the Tournament of Power, it was already hinted he was not as indifferent as he pretends to be: He was concerned enough when he learned Beerus and Champa was being lazy to confront them and he made a point to lecture them and remind them that he could and would easily remove their status as Destroyers if they didn't get any better. Although the fact he didn't knew of Zamasu's acts indicated a lack of observation, Zen-Oh was clearly tolerant of and cared for mortals, as Zamasu was afraid of what would happen if Zen-Oh found out about his Zero Mortal Plan and indeed upon seeing Zamasu's desecration, Zen-Oh was immediately disgusted by the damage and replaced his usual goofy nature with that of a steely calm and terrifying demeanor, instantly serious and clearly outraged upon realizing the amount of damage Zamasu had committed and furiously questioned Goku if he was the one who did it and once he got aware it was Zamasu, he instantly erased the latter and the whole Multiverse within mere seconds. Beerus was also shown to be afraid of how Zen-Oh would respond if Trunks and Mai were to recreate their timeline, meaning he believed Zen-Oh would have likely erased Trunks and Mai if he is aware of their willingness to create a Time Ring, but his reasonable side is shown by how he does not seem to mind it despite being a violation to the laws of the Multiverse, likely as it was done for a noble purpose.

At the same time, Zeno is also shown to be flexible, tolerant, and even willing to go back on his word on occasion. For example, he accepted Bergamo's proposal to rescind universal destruction were he to win against Goku, despite his earlier decision. He condoned Top's challenge to Goku as an additional fourth match to be witnessed, despite the end of the Zeno Expo. His flexibility, combined with his childish tendencies, also prompts Zeno to permit what otherwise would be rule violations in the Tournament of Power, such as permitting the Evil Containment Wave and use of the Potara earrings. However, it is suggested that he only saw such methods as being the warriors giving their absolute best, as none of the means used actually violated the rules of no weapons allowed, and Zeno was quick to reinforce the rules of the tournament when Frost truly intended to break the rules and tried to attack from outside the ring by erasing him and then cooly and firmly threatening any other attempt would mean the erasure of any universe who tried

It is possible that Zeno is lonely, as almost nobody knows of his existence, and those who do fear his power, proving a barrier to friendship, as his attendants wait on him hand and foot and the Grand Minister only treated him as if he is royalty, blithely following his orders without question. Likewise, unlike most gods, he lacks arrogance and has no problem with physical contact, even with strangers, as seen when he is unbothered by Goku's lively handshake. When his future counterpart gets hugged by Goku, he likewise seems unfazed. His penchant for physical contact with Goku is likely a result of how surgical and formal people are around him, leaving him feeling somewhat starved for companionship.

Zeno is also noted for having taken an immediate liking to Goku due to the Saiyan's often similar childlike, innocent, and naive personality in addition to his tendency to get easily excited about things he finds are out of the ordinary. He can be swayed easily by a good fight, as seen from his interest in setting up a tournament after witnessing Goku's fight against Hit. His interest in Goku extended to allowing him to talk directly to him and shake his hand to the point of lifting the small deity off the ground. Zeno has even gone as far as to ask the Saiyan to become his friend, and to have Goku give him the nickname "Zenny." He prefers Goku to speak plainly, and is unappreciative of (to the point of threatening) those who fear him attempting to speak in Goku's place with what they believe he wants to hear, appreciating the Saiyan's unconventional approach to life and finding his informal and friendly demeanor to be refreshing after countless eons of being feared and skirted around by his subjects and attendants.

Indeed, Goku seems to be the only person the Omni-King is truly fond of and it has been shown that he genuinely cares for and values their friendship. He was grateful for Goku's suggestion to Present Zeno to be friends with his future timeline counterpart, thereby giving the King of All a friend that is truly his peer and equal in every respect; that is, one who truly understands him. Even though he didn't exclude Goku and his universe from the Tournament of Power, both Zeno and Future Zeno consistently showed genuine concern whenever Goku came close to losing the tournament, such as almost falling out of the ring with Nink, even freely admitting that the Saiyan's universe losing would make him "very sad". Even more notably, Zeno showed deep concern when he thought Goku was killed by his own spirit bomb during his fight with Jiren and was visibly very unhappy about pushing the button to eliminate him, opting to do so quite slowly, clearly hoping it would give Goku the time to reveal he was alive, a hesitation and leniance he and his counterpart had previously not done with anyone else. In addition, to the point of near-tears, he was overjoyed when Goku survived and expressed his admiration for his new power and "sparkly" appearance. This was echoed again during his fight with Kefla. Finally, at the end of the Tournament of Power, Zeno and his future counterpart expressed great joy to Goku when Universe 7 wins the tournament, clearly happy that they did not have to erase the only other true friend they have and making it very clear that they wanted to see him again, parting with the Saiyan via a playful fist pump.

While Goku is clearly on top of Zeno's list as one of the two of his only true friends, he is not the only one Zeno and Future Zeno seem to respect and admire, or, at the very least, find agreeable. It seems that Zeno's friendship and regard of Goku extended to being interested towards Goku's friends and family, which they show in the Tournament in that Team Universe 7 was the only Universe Zeno seemed to be genuinely interested and invested in: They seem to take a liking to Buu's nature as well, since he is goofy, high-spirited, childish, and playful, much like the Kings of All, appears to admire Gohan's power and characteristics, solely acknowledging him as Goku's son as if to show how they had high expectations from him over his father's power and characteristics and were pleased to see him live up to it, becoming excited when he turned Super Saiyan to fight Lavender and calling him "the coolest" when he fought Dyspo, and consistenly voiced their fascination with Vegeta and his prideful, powerful approach to combat. The only one apart from Universe 7 who the Kings of All showed appreciation was Jiren due to his overwhelming power, which clearly didn't remove the fact that Zeno favored Goku, as while complimenting of Jiren even when he beat down Goku, at dire times, they openly turned to Goku's side and clearly hoped he would turn the tides on him and expressing pleasure when he did.


At some point in time, Zeno destroyed 6 of the then-existing 18 universes. In the manga, Zeno held an All Universe Hide and Seek Tournament, but when Beerus hid and fell asleep for fifty years during the tournament, it had to be cancelled. Zeno, who was enjoying the event, became furious and had to be calmed down by the gods from the 11 universes.

Dragon Ball Super

Universe 6 Saga

When Beerus and Champa started the Universe 6 and Universe 7 tournament, Zen-Oh, worried over the fact that the Destroyers would so casually abandon their work and entertain themselves, chose to visit and warn them. He watched from a distance away of the Nameless Planet as the tournament concluded, impressed with the tournament, but when Champa, angry that his team lost, prepares to destroy them, the Omni-King and his attendants, with Zen-Oh seemingly deciding to save them as what Champa was doing could be easily considered unreasonable, arrive on the Nameless Planet in the ring, forcing Champa to stop and he and Beerus to greet Zen-Oh. He states that his reason for visiting was because he had heard of the tournament and admonishes them for their behavior and shrinking from their duties as Gods of Destruction in a light but authoritian tone that easily intimidates them both. He asked Whis and Vados how Beerus and Champa were doing in their jobs, and Whis tells him that Beerus focuses more on sleeping and consuming food more than doing his job, and Vados notes that Champa completely obsesses over food and all of the sweets that result in him being fat, and whatever food Vados serves Champa, he says it is awful. After a moment, Zen-Oh pondered removing them of their powers and position before deciding to let them off the hook for now, clearly intent on warning them that they aren't making a good impression of him. Zen-Oh then expresses his amusement over the tournament and wished to hold another tournament. He was soon met with Goku, who fearlessly and casually approached him in a friendly manner. Impressed, Zen-Oh allows Goku to shake hands with him and fondly says goodbye.

Future Trunks Saga

Unable to let go of his fascination with Goku, Zen-Oh decides to summon him to talk. He calls Beerus and Whis when they are at their temple, as Beerus is waiting for his food when a call comes through. Beerus answers it, telling the caller to call another time, yet is immediately shocked and terrified to see his caller is Zen-Oh and repenting his tone, immediately bows to him, accidentally breaking his table with his head in the process, and asks him how his day has been, thanking him for taking the time out of his schedule to call him. Zen-Oh asks Beerus and Whis to have Goku meet him, much to the divine duo's shock and uneasiness.

As he was told, Beerus orders Whis to take Goku to Zeno's place together with Shin. Zeno happily greets Goku and asks him to be his friend, since everyone else was too afraid of his power to effectively socialize with. When Goku seemed to hesitate, Shin desperately interrupts, saying Goku would be happy to oblige, but Zeno orders him to be silent and allows Goku to answer for himself. Agreeing to be his friend, Goku tells Zeno to just call him by his name and, in return, Goku will call him "Zenny," to the shock of those present. After Goku promises to bring him a friend even more fun than himself after he settles his business on earth, Zeno gives Goku a button. If Goku presses it, the Omni-King will come right to him.

Future Zen-Oh is later summoned by Goku using the button, where the Omni-King, not knowing what had happened to the multiverse, furiously questioned Goku over the state of the world. Goku directed him to Fused Zamasu and Future Zen-Oh ruthlessly killed the maniacal God and destroyed the entire multiverse. Afterwards, Goku and Future Trunks return using Cell's Time Machine. There they find an empty cyan void with Future Zeno floating in the emptiness. They decide to take that timeline's Zeno to the present so that he and his present timeline counterpart can be friends.

After arriving at Present Zeno's palace, Zeno rushes to see but is met with surprise at his future counterpart. At Goku's suggestion, the two decide to play with both being happy to have finally found a friend.

Universe Survival Saga

Zen-Oh returns as the villainous protagonist of the Universe Survival Saga, initially thought to have simply started the events out of callous desire for humor, but later revealed to have noble intentions.

Some time after the defeat of Zamasu, Zeno and his future counterpart are visited by Goku, who reminds the former of the tournament promised to the Saiyan after the conclusion of the previous tournament. The Zenos agree to hold the event, much to Goku's delight. The prize for the winner are the Super Dragon Balls, much like the contest between Champa and Beerus before. However, the Tournament of Power has a dire rule: all of the universes defeated in it are to be erased by the ruling duo.

Before the Tournament of Power is held, however, Future Zeno requests his present counterpart host a preliminary tournament to raise his expectations for the upcoming all-universe event. Their servant, the Grand Minister, willing obliges and has both Universe 7 and Universe 9 gather three warriors each to compete in the contest. The former universe picks Good Buu, Gohan, and Goku to compete, while the latter selects the Trio of Danger, a fearsome trio of lupine siblings: Basil, Lavender, and Bergamo.

Above an arena materialized specifically for the matches, on the Null Realm, all of the gods, the Supreme Kais, Gods of Destruction and Angels, as well as the Zenos and their attendants gather to spectate the matches, with the rules being laid out soon thereafter.

The fights are then determined, with Buu fighting Basil, Gohan fighting Lavender, and Goku fighting Bergamo, and they then watch the first clash, between Basil and Majin Buu, with the latter coming out as the victor. They then watch the next match between Gohan and Lavender with the battle ending in a draw after both collapsed. The two versions of Zeno are shown amazed by the fights even allowing any underhanded moves to go since they will determine the rules for the actual tournament. Their decision is enforced by the Grand Minister who glares at an agitated Beerus to settle him down.

Before the final exhibition match, Bergamo pleads to Zeno to relinquish the destruction of the Universes if one team loses. Though they state they have made their decision, they would allow it if Bergamo wins in his battle against Goku. During Goku's battle with Bergamo, Future Zeno is surprised by the power of Super Saiyan Blue as his counterpart explains it to him. The two are amazed when Goku enters Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken and defeats Bergamo easily upholding the decision to destroy the losing universes. After the battle ends, Top of Universe 11 challenges Goku as the two Zenos are surprised but allow the match between the two fighters. They are amazed by the battle and are eager with anticipation as the fighters prepare to go all out but Grand Minister ends the match to their disappointment until they hear the fighters need to conserve their power for the actual tournament.

When the Tournament of Power arena was completed in the World of Void, Zeno and Future Zeno looked in awe and decided to play and massage on the arena. Thanking the Grand Priest, Zeno gave him a piece of candy, much to the Priest's delight. During the tournament, both Zenos watch in amazement at the battle. They also possess GodPads, tablet devices, which they use to keep track of which warriors have been eliminated.

After Goku and Vegeta finish off Team Universe 9, Zeno and Future Zeno make good on their word and erased all of Universe 9 with the exception of Mohito.

When the combatants of the remaining universes stopped fighting, shocked by the erasure of Universe 9, the Zenos were puzzled as to why they had stopped fighting.

After all of Team Universe 10 is defeated, Zeno and Future Zeno erased all of Universe 10 with the exception of Kusu.

Later on, when Frieza had eliminated Frost, Zeno erased the latter as he was preparing to fire a Chaos Beam at Frieza from the sidelines. He did so declaring that such an action was against the rules and threatened Team Universe 6 that he'd erase Universe 6 entirely if they do it again.

After both Team Universe 2 and Team Universe 6 were defeated, the two Zenos promptly erased both Universes 2 and 6, with the exceptions of Sour and Vados, respectively. Later, after Team Universe 4 and Team Universe 3 were defeated, the Zenos erased Universe 4 and 3 (except Cognac and Camparri) as well.

Initially ruthlessly willing to erase the universes, it is only after Universe 7 won the tournament that his true goals are revealed: It is revealed that the Great Minister that Zeno foresaw the outcome of a virtuous being winning the tournament of power who would selflessly wish on the Super Dragon Balls. It is also stated by Great Minister that Zeno would otherwise have erased all universes if the winner had wished for selfish reasons as this would have shown that the winning universe was no better than the erased ones. The two Zeno's joyfully fly to Goku and engage him in their handshake, praising him for his performance in the tournament and thanking him for his role in making it happen. Before Goku and friends return home, Zeno asked if they would ever see him again which Goku assures him he will before sharing a fist pump.

Power and Abilities

The Omni-King, without a doubt is considered to be the most powerful being in the entire Dragon Ball franchise, exceeding even all the Gods of Destruction and immortals. While his true capabilities are not known and does not fight, the Omni-King possess immeasurable power. According to Beerus, the Omni-King is capable of effortlessly wiping out all 12 universes in an instant. This was proven when Whis stated that there used to be 18 universes and the Omni-King wiped out only six universes, when the latter was in a bad mood. Whis further states that there is no being greater than the Omni-King as he can wipe out anything from individuals to entire universes. The fact that Beerus and his brother, Champa who were considered to be Gods of Destruction were terrified of his presence is a testament of the enormous power the Omni-King wields, and it is because of this power why the Omni-King is feared and respected. Finally, The Omni-King being the supreme ruler of the Multiverse is the single most important being in existence and has absolute authority over the entire Multiverse.



  • Zeno is similar to Azathoth, the highest divinity of the mythology created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft: both of them are very low-minded deities, capable of creating and destroying universes by pure whim, and both are assisted by a court of inferiority inferior to him who have the task of intruding them to avoid destroying their multiverse.
    • The only difference is that Zeno is innocent, wise and noble and he secretly disapproves of wiping out universes; including innocent people. This is shown in the series finale of Dragon Ball Super, as Zeno and the Grand Priest were using the Tournament of Power as a test of character to teach mortals and the gods not to take their universes for granted and learn a valuable lesson about bonding with other universes and not use wishes for selfishness and greed.


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