The twin sister of Euden and the Zethia from the future where she no longer possessd by Morsayati but something terrible happened.

She is voiced by Ai Kayano in the Japanese version, and by Shannon Chan-Kent in the English version.


Like Zethia, she is blonde haired and blue eyed. She wears the same outfit as Empress Zethia. Instead of having blue ribbons, she has white ribbons instead. The stars on her scarf are white instead of blue.

Her mask appears to be black and purple with red eye slits.

Her Gala variant wears a shorter black dress with white frills and detached sleeveless. Under her horn shaped hair decorations is white feathers. Her scarf is white instead of black and her left leg has a gold bracelet and her feet now has white sandals with ribbons.



A version of Zethia battling to save her world from the Other by using the power of the Dawnshard to visit alternate dimensions. After joining the prince's party in their fight, she asked them to call her "Zena.


Another Zethia from another world, who is working with the prince and his allies to save it. She is confused as to her place in this world and her relations with her new comrades, and wonders what it is she can really do.


Her weapon of choice is a wand and makes use of dark magic. Celestial Prayer and Twilight Crown are her skills. Her Gala is a light attuned staff unit and a attacker. Her skills are Glorious Sanctuary and Holy Crown.


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