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Zenon Kar is the main protagonist of the Zenon film trilogy on Disney Channel. At first she's a mischievous teenage girl who's always getting into trouble and into some shenanigans, But when she finds out that there's a threat to her space station home, She must take action and try to save it.

Personality and traits

Zenon is a teenage girl who lives on a space station. She is very energetic, fun-loving, adventurous and mischievous, as she's always getting in trouble with the stations' strict commander Edward Plank, who excepts her to act "a little like an adult." Her best friend is Nebula Wade, who she has been friends with her whole life. She also has a frienemy named Margie Hammond, whom she doesnt get along with. Her biggest celeb crush is the rock star Proto Zoa. Aside from her teenage mind, Shes also very intelligent as she uses her smarts to help save her space station. She also loves looking for "fun, adventure and answers".


  • She is played by Kirsten Storms.
  • She shares some similarities to many Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse/Sorcerer Mickey, Aladdin, Jasmine, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Anna, Tinker Bell, Stitch and Ariel.
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