Zenthon and McDonald's Box

As seen in a French version of Bakugan and Zoobles on commercial for McDonald's commercial on France

Zenthon is the Mechtogan that he appears in Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, he was created by Drago and he looks like a dragon-like robot, in Triple Threat, he was in sync that he talks to Drago and he summoned a Mechtogan Titan named Zenthon Titan. In episode 26 along with Zenthon Titan, he was killed by Dreadeon and Dreadeon Titan and was absorbed by Razenoid, he was avenged by Drago who evolves into Fusion Dragonoid.

He was first when Drago and Dan are out of sync. But Drago manages to tame his Mechtogan to put him in sync, when Drago finally manages to tame Zenthon to make him fight Anubias' Mechtogan with the help of Preyas and Amazon. When Drago and Dan receive the Keys and Gates from Wavern, Zenthon is in sync and speaks to Drago, then Dan, Drago and Zenthon create a Mechtogan Titan named Zenthon Titan, he and Zenthon Titan manage to defeat the Mechtogans Titans that was sent by Sellon. In the episode 26, he along with Zenthon Titan were killed by Razenoid's Mechtogans and got absorbed by him, but his death is avenged where Drago evolves into Fusion Dragonoid with the Gate and Key that they took it from Razenoid.

McDonald's commercial

Zenthon appears in McDonald's commercial in a France version of Bakugan Zoobles where he plays Basketball with a McDonald's box and he laughs with him.


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