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True self is without form.
~ Zenyatta

Zenyatta is one of the main protagonists and playable characters in the 2016 video game Overwatch. He is an Ominic monk from Nepal who was once part of a group of religious Omnics who sought to mend their negative public reputation brought on by the Omnic Crisis. He is also the mentor of Genji.

He was voiced by Feodor Chin.


Tekhartha Zenyatta was a member of the Shambali, a Buddhist-esque monastery in Nepal that preaches omnic rights and that omnics have souls.

Zenyatta became the mentor of Genji, a human that had been given a machine body to save his life. Genji had been unsettled by his existence, but Zenyatta helped him come to terms with his dual existence. Genji moved into the village at the Shambali monastery.

Zenyatta came to disagree with the monastery's methods of spreading their message. He believed that humans and omnics should unite via empathy, not just dogmatic teaching. He decided to leave the monastery and now wanders the world.


Zenyatta is a very calm and supportive omnic, always willing to help those in mental pain. He is very enlightened and has a wise thought for just about anything, such as how patience is the greatest weapon and that anger only defeats the one who possesses it. He also often meditates on metaphysical ideas and makes multiple references to sayings of numerous religions, mostly to Buddhism and Christianity.

Unlike most heroes, Zenyatta never trash-talks any enemies while in a match, and only speaks of how they refuse to learn whenever he defeats one. He additionally has a very dry sense of humor, for the assumed closest teaching he has to comedy is "If you wish to know someone, walk in their shoes....or hover."

Though he enjoys sharing his guidance, Zenyatta prefers his students to learn about the morals of life for themselves.


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