Called up by Nimbus from the Academy of Air, Zephyr finds himself in awe as he begins working with his Heros; His test scores at the Academy are some of the highest ever recorded.
~ The Tornado Outbreak comic.

Zephyr is the main protagonist of the game Tornado Outbreak and one of the many wind warriors alongside Nimbus and the other soldiers.


Zephyr is a black and light blue air elemental with violet eyes and clouds encircling a tendril on his head. Although they are never seen in-game, he possesses legs similar to Nimbus' legs. His arms and shoulders are black as well as the spiral on his chest. A light blue tornado covers the lower half of his body in the game.

Origins and History

Far before humans existed, long-living creatures called elementals shaped the universe and the objects that populate it. The spacefaring air elementals were tasked with bestowing atmosphere to the planets so life could later exist on them. Zephyr belongs to a squadron of what appears to be made up of around 100 members.

Before the events of the game, Zephyr is at a lower ranking and not giving orders yet; instead he is training with elite warriors Stratos and Cyclone. It is implied he used to be a regular soldier or a student. The squadron faces a monumental threat to their duty known as the Shades. He partakes in a large battle with the Shades on an infected planet and again at a dark pulsar.

The game begins with Zephyr giving his first order to the squad: retrieve Omegaton's six orbs so he can return home. Zephyr must learn to master the tornado, a weather condition that is said to take thousands of years to perfect. Nimbus instructs him on how to use this power to capture Fire Flyers. It is then Zephyr's job to lead the mission.

For a large portion of the story, Zephyr does not know how to use the L.O.A.D. STARR. It is not until a soldier bumps into him, causing it to fall and break, that he figures out how it works by fixing it.

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