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I belong here. We all belong here.
~ Zeri

Zeri, simply known as The Spark of Zaun, is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

A young woman from Zaun who possesses electrical powers, Zeri wishes to make Zaun a better place for its civilians. After saving several people from an earthquake caused by the Chem-Barons' mining operations, she felt guilty for being unable to save more people and understanding the root cause of their plights. She rebelled against the Chem-Barons by sabotaging their plans, but when they united to stop her, Zeri returned to find that the people she'd saved were encouraged by her bravery, reigniting her desires to fight for Zaun alongside her community.

The 158th champion added to the game, Zeri was released on January 20, 2022. She is commonly played in the bottom lane.

She is voiced by Vanille Velasquez, whom also voices Neon in Valorant.


Zeri was born in the Entresol Level of Zaun, where she grew up seeing how tight-knit Zaunite civilians were and the tragic losses they faced from losing their loved ones in accidents. From birth, she had the innate ability to harness electrical magic, but she was unable to control it well. Sometimes she ended up losing control and causing power outages or bursting lamps. Some of her fellow citizens grew to love her chaotic personality, while others hated her for the destruction she ended up causing.

One day, Zeri was strolling down the markets when the streets of Zaun began to crumble from aftershocks generated by the Chem-Barons' mining machinery, which aimed to extract materials more elusive than hextech. Zeri ran as fast as she could, causing her electrical powers to boost her speed as she saved several civilians from the disaster, but her unbound electricity caused many others to be put at risk. While the survivors thanked her, she felt regretful that she was unable to save some of the victims from herself. She made a jacket to contain her electricity so she would be able to nullify her powers and avoid putting her fellow Zaunites at risk. With her magic in check, Zeri tried to help the citizens rebuild, but she noticed that many of them were suffering from poverty and were unable to live happily. Zeri then aimed toward the root cause of her fellows' suffering: the Chem-Barons.

Using her powers at their fullest, she destroyed many Chem-Baron supply lines and tried as hard as she could to fight against their production, but replenished their resources too quickly. The Chem-Baron clans forged a unified alliance, managing to defeat Zeri and leaving her broken and injured. When she returned to her hometown, she expected her fellow civilians to be disappointed in her, but instead they celebrated her as a heroine and were encouraged by her bravery to fight for a better life in Zaun. Zeri's mother gave her a rifle-like gauntlet constructed by the people of the Entresol, reigniting her faith in her community as they stood alongside her after she stood up for them.

Backed by her community, Zeri fights for those who cannot. Zaun is not perfect, and neither is Zeri, but sometimes a spark is all it takes to change the world.


Zeri is a marksman champion with ability to absorb enemy shields and charge her basic attacks, and uniquely prefers to attack using her Q ability.

  • Zeri's basic attacks are bolts of static electricity which count as spells instead of attacks and can't critically strike. As she moves or uses Burst Fire, she charges up energy (up to 100) to empower her basic attacks. Each attack consumes 10 energy to deal magic damage, which triples when attacking enemies with low health. At maximum charge, Zeri's charged attack will deal even more magic damage based on the target's maximum health and also slows them.
  • Zeri's passive, Living Battery, causes her to drain the energy of shields that she damages and converting it into a shield of her own. Whenever she gains a new shield, she gets a small boost in movement speed.
  • Her Q ability, Burst Fire, causes her to fire a barrage of small sparks from her fingers. Each spark counts as a basic attack which can critically strike. Burst Fire's cooldown decreases with Zeri's attack speed and maxing out the cooldown will convert into bonus attack damage for her. Zeri automatically has Burst Fire unlocked at level 1, and upgrading it passively increases the effectiveness of the slow caused by her charged attack.
  • Her W, Ultrashock Laser, fires a pulse which deals magic damage and slows. If the projectile hits terrain, it turns into a laser beam which fires after a brief delay, revealing the area and harming enemies in the same manner as the pulse.
  • Her E, Spark Surge, causes her to dash. If used near terrain, she will dash through the terrain until she reaches the end. After ending the dash, Zeri's next three uses of Burst Fire will be enhanced, piercing through enemies but slowly diminishing in damage and all sparks after the first will not apply on-hit effects.
  • Her ultimate, Lightning Crash, causes her to release a large blast of electricity around her. If it hits at least one enemy champion, she becomes overcharged for a minimum of 6 seconds, with each champion hit increasing the duration for 2 seconds more. In this state, she will have bonus attack and movement speed and her Burst Fires will fire three bigger sparks instead. Each time she hits an enemy with an attack or ability, she will increase her overcharged state by 2 more seconds.



  • Zeri's ethnicity was inspired by Filipino culture, and her electrical powers constantly failing is based on Phillipines' brown outs. Additionally, her voice actress Vanille Velasquez is also Filipino.
  • Zeri was developed by Riot alongside Neon from their other game Valorant. They both have electric powers and Filipino nationality, and even the same voice actress.


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