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Zhanna is one of the main protaoginsts in the Team Fortress 2 webcomics.


Team Fortress

Zhanna and her family escaped from a consontracion camp, only to later go to a house hidden in the snowy wastland.

Zhanna made her first appearance in the webcomic A Cold Day in Hell, where she wanted to have sex with Scout, only to refuse him after he was constantly talking, afterwards Zhanna went to Soldier and asked him to have sex with her. The two then went into a relationship and went with Soldier after promising her a stink-barn.

She returned in the webcomic Blood in the Water, where she and Soldier were looking for a way to fight against the Astrailions and Soldier gave her a neckless of human ears, leading to Zhanna to kiss him. Spy later told them that their is no need for for them to attack. Soldier ordered Zhanna to be a racist to Spy and the three went to the navy. Both Zhanna and Soldier later went to fight against the Astrailions, although Spy asked them for the keys to one of their submerines. Zhanna also claims to not like Miss Pauling after joining the Team Fortress 2 Mercenaries in a quest to New Zealand.

In the webcomic Old Wounds, Zhanna was captured by the Team Fortress Classic Mercaneries, leaving her to murder the TFC Pyro to free Soldier and later went to free the rest of the Mercaneries, while also trying to murder the TFC Spy. Zhanna later saw a toylat and cleaned her broken hand. Zhanna then went to escape the island, only to be trapped by vampiric robots.

In the webcomic the The Naked and the Dead, Zhanna was noted to suvive the incounter and fought against the Machines naked and covered in honey, possably taking a page from Soldier's fighting style. Zhanna later freed Miss Pauling from a pile of robots and asked her who was on the phone. Zhanna later warned Miss Pauling to stay away from Soldier, belevieing that she might be interested in Soldier. Zhanna was later seen after the TFC Heavy died.


  • Zhanna claims to not like Miss Pauling, possably thinking that she is a love rival for Soldier.
  • Zhanna is the second member of Heavy's family to join the Mercaneries.


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