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If you want me around, you need to start treating me like an equal!'
~ Zhu Li to Varrick

Zhu Li Moon is one of the supporting characters of The Legend of Korra, although in season 4 serving as a secondary antagonist. She is Varrick's assistant, helping him with any task he asks of her. A calm and serious woman, Zhu Li regularly deals with her boss' eccentric demands with stoic efficiency. Zhu Li shifted from antagonist to protagonist along with Varick when the two saw the extent that Varrick's research could be abused to kill people. Like Varrick Zhu Li was deeply impressed by the research but could not use the technological achievement justify the harm it would do. While attempting to get away from Kuvira and subvert her plans for the spirit-vine weapons Varrick, Zhu Li and Bolin are caught and brought before Kuvira to pay for their attempted subversion of her plans. Varrick assurs Kuvira that even he has limits and will never help her complete the weapon, however Zhu Li, having been pushed around once too often during the attempted escape renounces her service to Varrick and to Kuvira instead. Zhu Li claims her loyalty was misplaced and if given another chance she would continue Varrick's research for Kuvira. Kuvira spares Zhu Li's life and with no incentive to keeping Varrick around has him taken away to be "re-educated". Varick's machine begins suffering a variety of malfunctions which eventually provoke Kuvira's suspension and she searches Zhu Li to find she was the one sabotaging her own project. Once confronted Zhu Li admits she had feigned loyalty to Kuvira to keep Varrick's machines out of the wrong hands. Though Kuvira attempts to test the weapons out on Zhu Li instead she is saved by Bolin and reunited with Varrick. Varrick immediately forgives Zhu Li's false betrayal and is happy to welcome her back as his assistant, however Zhu Li insists if she is to get back to helping Varrick she refuses to be his gofer any longer. Varrick is confused at first to the notion of treating someone as an equal manages to make right with Zhu Li and brings her on, no longer as his assistant but his colleague. In the final episode of the series Varrick asks Zhu Li to be his wife once the fight with Kuvira is finished, Zhu Li gladly accepts his proposal.


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