Zhuqiaomon is one of the four Digimon Sovereign. He first appears in Digimon Tamers, and is portrayed as an antagonist, but is later revealed to be a main hero.

In Digimon Adventure tri., he was partner of Unknown DigiDestined, he is Mega form of Hippogriffomon.

In English version of Digimon Tamers, he was voiced by late Tony Pope.


He resembles a giant eight-winged Pheonix.


Digimon Adventure tri.

Many years ago before Tai & others, Hippogriffomon digivolve to Zhuqiaomon. He and another Harmonious Ones fight Dark Masters.

Digimon Tamers

He is the guardian of the Digital World's Southern hemisphere and one of the four Sovereigns, modeled after the Suzaku.

Despite his questionable methods and prejudice against humans, he takes his role as defender of the Digital World from any threat serious as he intended to use the Catalyst's power to fight the D-Reaper. But upon learning that Azulongmon sent the Catalyst to the human world in the form of Calumon, Zhuqiaomon sends the twelve Devas to retrieve Calumon and prevent any humans from using him. Zhuqiaomon eventually confronts the Tamers when they arrived to his palace after braving through Digital World, Azulongmon intervening as he and the Tamers convince him that they are not his enemies. Despite his prejudice against humans, Zhuqiaomon joins his fellow Sovereigns in helping the Tamer defeat the D-Reaper by keeping it and its human world counterpart from rejoining.


Digimon Tamers

Digimon Adventure tri.

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