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Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira, dubbed Zilla Junior by fans) is a heroic mutated marine iguana kaiju and the son of the first Godzilla who first appeared in the TV series, Godzilla: The Series, based off the 1998 blockbuster movie, Godzilla. He is the main kaiju protagonist of the series.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker.


Godzilla's name comes from the series itself where he's dubbed as such. In the episode Competition, the Japanese characters always refer to Godzilla as "Gojira," even when speaking in English.
Unofficially, this kaiju has been dubbed "Godzilla Junior" to distinguish him from his parent from the film.



Born from a large egg that survived the onslaught of the US military, he is the only surviving child of his asexual father who attacked New York in the film. His father, who was originally falsely described as "Godzilla", was later discovered to be a new species of kaiju created by the mutation of a marine iguana through shelling in WWII, properly known as "Zilla". Zilla was shot down at the Brooklyn Bridge by fighter jets and most of his offspring was incinerated with the detonation of Madison Square Garden. Zilla Jr. was the last of his kind, a unique species alone in the world. Within the first few moments after birth, Zilla Jr. encountered Nick Tatopoulos, a scientist who was studying his father and came to the site to check for surviving offspring. Like many animals do at such a young age, the newborn kaiju bonded to the man. Growing at a rapid pace, he was quickly targeted by the US military as a threat that is similar to his father, but his attachment to Tatopoulos became clearly evident, and the military backed down on the ground that he could be useful to help aid in battles against other kaijus, which were appearing rapidly across the globe. He was also found to be sterile, or at least unable to reproduce asexually like his father, and so there was no threat of him reproducing at an exponential rate and spreading more mayhem across the world.

More durable in battle than his father, Zilla Jr. has been shown to be able to take much more of a hit than he first expected and helped defeat several kaijus of different shapes, sizes, abilities and backgrounds throughout the series, storming to the battlefield whenever he is summoned into action by Tatopoulos and his crew H.E.A.T..

Powers and Abilities

  • Amphibious Nature: Zilla Jr. spends most of his time in the water, as he is a natural swimmer and can breathe underwater. Zilla Jr. once rested unconscious underwater for an extended period while sick.
  • Atomic Breath: Zilla Jr.'s signature weapon is his green atomic breath, something his father lacked. A blue glow runs up his dorsal plates and his eyes glow green (or red), before unleashing. The atomic breath has a long range and is extremely hot, capable of melting steel and turning sand into glass.
  • Advanced Durability: Another ability that sets the second Zilla Jr. apart from the 1998 Zilla is his ability to take high levels of damage. Whereas his father was killed by a relatively small amount of missiles, his successor is shown taking large amounts of heavy artillery with no harm, much like the original Japanese Godzilla.
  • Healing Regeneration: In connection with Zilla Jr.'s durability is his enhanced regeneration, which allows him to recover from injuries and regain his strength quickly.
  • Advanced Intelligence: Zilla Jr. is shown to be very intelligent. He is shown to be able to plan and perform tactics in battle and given the ability to make moral decisions. He is also shown to have a large brain for his body size, a trait very unique among reptiles in general. As the series progressed, Nick noted Zilla Jr. seemed to get more intelligent. He was able to figure it out to get the Giant Bug on top of the tower by destroying it. He was able to understand that Nessie was looking for her baby. He even stopped a speeding train by using his claws to slow it down.
  • Advanced Strength: Zilla Jr. has shown to have great physical strength. He often overpowers other mutations with sheer brute strength able to lift other mutations in the air. His claws are extremely sharp and are capable of shredding steel. Zilla Jr.'s tail is also an incredibly powerful weapon that can be used to crush and strike his opponents.
  • Advanced Speed and Agility: Zilla Jr. is also incredibly fast and nimble, running at a top speed of 500 mph. He can move incredibly quickly from one location to another and being able to climb rapidly. Additionally, Zilla Jr. is shown to have quick reflexes.
  • Climbing Skills: Zilla Jr. has excellent climbing skills as he is able to climb up on a skyscraper with ease.
  • Burrowing Skills: Additionally, Zilla Jr. is an extraordinary burrower, as moments after hatching he could quickly burrow through many yards of concrete to escape the ruins of Madison Square Garden. Once fully grown, Zilla Jr. could tunnel incredibly large distances in extremely short periods, sometimes appearing on the battlefield from underground.
  • Advanced Stamina: He can travel thousands of miles in the ocean without any obvious signs of fatigue as he was able to be ready for a long period of a battle against other monsters.
  • Advanced Senses: Zilla Jr. has shown to have a really strong sense of smell, able to smell the giant rats running in the city from the sea. He was also able to hear a mating call thousands of miles away. His sense of sight is very strong as well, able to see clearly in dark water. He possibly has night vision as he can dig underground.
  • Adoptive Father Detector: It seems that Zilla Jr. can sense when his adoptive father is in trouble as he always comes just in time to protect him from other mutant monsters.


  • Bright Lights: Zilla Jr. seems to have an aversion to bright lights, a weakness which was exploited by both Cameron Winter (who used powerful searchlights while attacking Zilla Jr. with the Cyber Flies) and Maximillian Spiel (who used high-intensity quartz beams during Zilla Jr.'s battle with Rhinosaurus).
  • Electricity: Electricity has done some damage to Zilla Jr., although he is mostly able to resist it, such as in his battles with the Crackler and the Lizard Slayers.
  • Poison: Poison has been shown to damage Zilla Jr. more than most types of attacks. He is also vulnerable to dehydration, having almost died due to it when fighting the monster, Medusa.

Audio Samples


  • Godzilla hasn't made any official appearances since his animated series was cancelled back in 2000 due to Sony and TriStar losing their rights to the Godzilla franchise.
  • Zilla Jr was set to appeared in the sequel where he would've had offspring of his own and was gone to battle a giant insect.


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