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Zipper is a major character of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. He was voiced by Corey Burton (TV Series) and Dennis Haysbert (Movie).


Zipper is a brave, friendly, tough, spunky, and loyal fly. He is shown to be very close best friends with Monterey Jack most of the time.


Zipper is a small blue fly with two arms and legs and a nose who dons a red shirt.

Powers and Skills

Zipper is a fly that is capable of flying. However, at normal size, he can actually be a pushover for much larger enemies.


To the Rescue

Zipper was introduced with Monterey Jack in this five-part origin story when Chip and Dale were trying to get the Clutchcoin Ruby from Fat Cat. He eventually becomes one of the founding members of the Rescue Rangers.

Fake Me to Your Leader

When Norton Nimnul fired his gigantico ray gun on some pill bugs, Zipper slowly increases in size overtime and carried his friends when his new size resulted in him smashing their newest flying machine. After Nimnul's fake spaceship was destroyed, Zipper retreats from the cops while carrying Nimnul. Fortunately he was reduced back to his normal size while Nimnul finds himself in trouble with one of the pill bugs he mistreated.

A Fly in the Ointment

After a mishap with Nimnul's modemizer as a result of close contact, he and Nimnul find their heads swapped, leading to Zipper being caught for experimentation while his friends team up with Nimnul to save him. Although the bodyswapping was fixed, Nimnul tried to kill them. However, Zipper dials 9-1-1 to teleport Nimnul to the cops.



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