Zoe Plummer is a character in a 2005 Disney movie, The Pacifier. She is the eldest sibling of Seth and Lulu. She is very bossy and mean but she can be kindhearted.



At first, Zoe is annoyed by Wolfe's rules and military, after in the garden one the night after their mother left, Wolfe sees someone climbing on the wall and thinks it is a stranger. He pulls the stranger down from the wall, but it's really Scott, Zoe's boyfriend. Zoe is annoyed at Wolfe for bullying Scott, but suddenly the commotion was stopped by a siren of Mr and Mrs. Chun, who speak Korean. Upstairs, Zoe disrespects Wolfe by telling him how much he has embarrassed her, but he declines it. As Zoe is about to kick Wolfe, he quickly grabs her leg, sending her hopping to her room.

Driving Skills

When Wolfe drives everyone to school, he does it too fast and dangerously. When Zoe attempts to pass Driver's Ed, she at first messes up and wrecks the car when she thinks there's a bee at her. For the second time when she drives, she drives everyone to school, but stops just in time when a truck passes. When they get to school, Lulu hugs the grass and Zoe comments, "Oh, it was so dramatic."

Throughout the song "Just Like You", Wolfe sets up a driving course for Zoe. Zoe at first knocks down some cones, but is lucky when she misses one. In another scene, when she gets the hang of driving, Wolfe challenges her to drive forwards and backwards.


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Zoe Plummer
Zoe Plummer

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