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Zoey (Japanese: ノゾミ Nozomi) is a reccurring character from the Pokémon anime series Diamond and Pearl. She is a Pokémon Coordinator from Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh region. Eager to start out, she enjoys getting ready for the contests.

She is a very confident Pokémon Coordinator and is eager to help out other Coordinators if she feels that they need it. However, despite this, if necessary, she will trounce them in the Contests. She is Dawn's friend and rival and a childhood friend with Candice. She also won the Sinnoh Grand Festival in the finals against Dawn to become the Top Coordinator. Her major rivals are Dawn and Nando.

She was voiced by Risa Hayamizu in the Japanese original version, and by Emily Williams in the English version.


Zoey is an excellent coordinator who remains humble all the time during her victories in the various competitions in which she participates and she is an excellent trainer.

Most of the time, she accompanies Dawn and gives her advice. However, she too has a few shortcomings and never looks them in the face, which is perhaps one of her main flaws.


  • Glameow (Signature Pokémon)
  • Mismagius
  • Lumineon
  • Gastrodon
  • Gallade
  • Leafeon



When Zoey was younger, she met a Glameow on her way to school. She couldn't leave it there and brought it back home but her parents didn't allow her to have Glameow since she wasn't old enough yet to have a Pokémon and told her to bring it to the Pokémon Center. Zoey didn't want to do that and secretly raised it at school. Her teacher found out that Zoey was raising a Pokémon and told her to bring it to the Pokémon Center but Candice stepped in and talked with the teacher. The teacher then decided that Zoey was allowed to raise Glameow if Zoey and Candice would take care of it.

Pokémon The Series: Diamond and Pearl

Zoey met the heroes when Glameow returned a choker from a dress to Dawn. The heroes wondered how she knew it was Dawn and Zoey told them that Dawn was the only one who was dressed so it was easy to find out who lost it. Zoey later helped Dawn with her hair and they introduced themselves to each other. Zoey stated that she knew Dawn was a starter, as she had that nervousness and Zoey gave Dawn her ribbon case when she asked for it. Dawn told her that they would meet each other in the finals and Zoey wished her good luck with the contest, making Dawn nervous. Zoey used her Misdreavus in the Appeal Round and Dawn was impressed by Zoey's performance. When it was Dawn's turn to do the Appeal Round, Zoey wished her good luck. After Dawn's performance, she helped Dawn to stand up by giving her a hand.

Zoey, along with Ash Ketchum, Dawn and Jessilina passed the first round and Zoey had to face Ash in first Contest Battle round. Zoey however got mad at Ash when she heard that Ash was competing in contests and gym battles, stating that he doesn't know the difference. Zoey used her Glamoew while Ash used his Aipom. Zoey was easily able to order Glameow to counter Aipom's attack but she was amazed by Aipom's attack before time went out, making Zoey the winner of the first round. After the battle, Zoey told Ash that she was amazed by the power of the last Focus Punch and that the attack might have won it for him. Ash was surprised on what Zoey said and also congratulated her on the win. Zoey told Ash to stick to gym battles and Dawn then told Zoey that Ash entered because of Aipom. Zoey stated that Aipom should be raised by Dawn, surprising the heroes.

Zoey later faced Dawn and her Buneary in the semi-finals. Like the battle against Ash, Zoey was able to order Glameow to counter Buneary's attack and she won the round, as she lost less points than Dawn. She faced Jessilina in the finals and Glameow easily knocked her Carnivine with Iron Tail, making Zoey the winner of the contest and the ribbon. After the contest, the heroes congratulated her on the win and Dawn stated that she would become a better coordinator, so that she could beat Zoey one day. Impressed by that statement, Zoey wished her good luck and waved the heroes goodbye, leaving for her own journey. Dawn's first encounter with Zoey, as well as their promise to enter the Grand Festival together, was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City. Kenny mentioned Zoey when he was talking with the heroes. He competed in a contest just before the contest of Jubilife City. Kenny thought he won his first ribbon but he was defeated in the finals by Zoey and her Glameow.

Zoey met the the heroes again when they were fishing at a lake near Hearthome City. Zoey joined them, stating that she was searching for a new Pokémon. Dawn showed her ribbon and Ash showed his new badge. Dawn then asked her if she had won any contests and Zoey told her that she had lost her last one and was taking a break at the moment. Zoey asked if Dawn was entering the Hearthome City Contest and Dawn said she was and told Zoey that she wasn't going to participate if Zoey hadn't told her about it. A Buizel appeared, challenging Dawn for a battle and then Zoey. Zoey used her Glameow to battle against Buizel but Glameow was defeated by Buizel.

After Ash also lost from Buizel, Buizel took the fishing sticks and Zoey and the heroes went after Buizel to get their fishing sticks back. Zoey told Dawn that she had weird friends when Ash joined Buizel's training and failed. When Team Rocket appeared, Zoey asked who they were and she was told that they were stealing Pokémon. Zoey then concluded that they were zeros, making Team Rocket angry. Zoey was happy for Dawn when she caught Buizel and she told the heroes that she would stay at the lake for a bit longer to find a new Pokémon. Zoey also promised to return the other fishing sticks and told Dawn that they would meet at the Hearthome City Contest. After Dawn caught a Buizel, Zoey remained behind and caught a Shellos.

Zoey sprained her ankle and the heroes helped her to treat the injury after Zoey's Glameow and Misdreavus brought the heroes to Zoey. Brock treated her ankle and Zoey tried to stand up but she isn't able to stand. The heroes brought her to her tent and she is able to rest there. Her Shellos is worried about her but she stated that she would be fine and Zoey told Dawn that she caught her Shellos in the same lake Dawn caught her Buizel. Zoey was surprised that Dawn didn't know about the Double Performance in the Hearthome City Contest and showed the heroes a video of it. Zoey then showed Dawn a Double Performance and Dawn stated that it was fantastic. Zoey however stated that she can do better and find a new combination. Zoey then watched Dawn's training with her double performances and she was suprised by the Aqua Jet and Ice Beam combination.

Jessilina appeared and stated the Dawn's performance was horrible. Despite her injury, Zoey stood up, accepting Jessilina's challenge to prove that she was wrong what she said about Dawn, and stated that she can't stand someone bullying someone else. Zoey used her Glameow and Shellos and Jessilina her Carnivine and Seviper. Zoey was able to win the battle due to some nice combinations. The heroes later brought Zoey to a nearby Pokémon Center to rest some more. She promised Dawn to meet her at the Hearthome City Contest and wished Ash good luck in his future gym battles. Zoey bid farewell to the heroes and Brock stated that Zoey was a tough rival while Dawn stated that rivals were meant to be beaten.

While on their way to Hearthome City, Dawn recalled the events with Zoey. Zoey was sitting at a table near the contest hall of Hearthome City, brushing her Shellos. When Dawn went to Zoey and asked how her injury was, Zoey replied that her injury was all better. Dawn introduced Nando to Zoey, telling him that Zoey was the one who helped her with the Double Performance. Nando then told Zoey that he was participated in both contests and gym battles, making Zoey angry and saying to him that he needed to make up his mind. When Nando performed, Zoey stated that Nando was portraying the beauty of his Pokémon very well. Zoey later performed after Nando and Dawn, using her Glameow and Shellos. After the performance round had ended, Zoey made it to the next round.

When Dawn didn't make it to the next round, she ran off and Ash tried to follow her, but Zoey stopped him, stating that she needed some time alone. Zoey made it to the final round and faced Nando in the finals but she lost to him. She and Dawn were later on the balcony of the Pokémon Center, both being a bit upset that they didn't win the ribbon. Zoey wasn't able upset about her loss but also about that she lost to someone who was competing in both gym battles and contests. Zoey tried to comfort Dawn for her loss and both Zoey and Dawn promised each other that they wouldn't worry about the contest and to work harder for the next contest. Brock stated to Dawn that Zoey was the one who suggested Dawn to participate in the Tag Battle, so it could lift her battle spirit after her lost in the Hearthome Contest.

Zoey entered a room of a Pokemon Center where she saw the heroes. Dawn asked Zoey if she was going to participate in the Solaceon Town Contest but Zoey stated she was going to pass that one. The next day, Zoey trained with Dawn for the upcoming contests. During the training, Zoey saw that Buizel was more interested in Ash's training and Aipom more interested in Dawn's training. Zoey then stopped the training and suggested, like she did when she first met the heroes, Ash and Dawn to trade Buizel and Aipom. Before Ash and Dawn traded, they first teamed up with the Pokémon they would receive. Dawn battled with Ash's Aipom against Zoey and her Glameow while Ash battled with Dawn's Buizel against Brock and his Sudowoodo.

Team Rocket then appeared and captured Glameow and Sudowoodo with Seviper and Carnivine. Zoey and Brock wanted to battle Team Rocket to get their Pokémon back but Ash and Dawn stated that they would battle instead. Ash and Dawn were able to save Glameow and Sudowoodo and Team Rocket blasted off due to Buizel's Water Gun. Zoey thanked Ash and Dawn for saving Glameow and mentioned that the both of them were a perfect combination with their Pokémon. Zoey then witnessed the trade between Ash and Dawn and said that she couldn't wait and see the future wins of Dawn and her Aipom.

Zoey watched Dawn's performance from Solaceon Town in a Pokémon Center, not really impressed by it. The day after Dawn lost the Contest, Zoey went to the same Pokémon Center the heroes were. Zoey went to Dawn's room and pulled the blanket from Dawn. Zoey stated that she should get up and to battle against Zoey, the same way she did the dat before in the Contest. When they started to battle, Zoey told Dawn that the performance was nice but that Ambipom disappeared in the stars while the Pokémon is the star of the performance. Zoey then ordered her Glameow to use Iron Tail and Shock Wave, defeating Ambipom. Zoey then told Dawn that she didn't participate in the Solaceon Town Contest because she needed some time to think of what she could change to get better and recover from her loss properly so it would cloud her judgement. Brock thanked Zoey for giving Dawn advice and Zoey told Ash to win the gym battle in Veilstone City, so it could encourage Dawn again.

Dawn remembered what Zoey said to her the other day after the Solaceon City Contest, which caused Dawn to be unsure while training. Dawn reminded herself once again what Zoey told her, the Pokémon were the star of the contest, so the performance should be focused on them. Zoey appeared at the Wallace Cup and wanted to enter in when she saw that Ash was entering as well. Zoey apologized to Ash for what she said at the Jublife City Contest, saying that to become a great coordinator, she needed to know about gym battles and contests. The rest of the heroes came and Dawn introduced Zoey to May, who was entering the Wallace Cup also. Zoey watched the other performances and she used her Finneon in the performance round.

When Ash was done performing, Zoey told that it was Dawn's turn but when she looked around, she was surprised to see that Dawn was checking herself in the mirror. She then tried to calm down Dawn by stating that her Pokémon were the star of the show and not her. When watching Dawn's performance, Zoey was impressed by it. Ash, Dawn, May and Zoey all passed the first round. Zoey, Dawn and May were in their room in their pajamas talking about how they started their journeys. When they heard a loud sound from the room next to them, they decided to check it out, discovering it was Ash who fell on the ground. After Ash returned to his room after his encounter with Azelf, the girls checked out what Ash was talking about. When May told about what she had heard of Lake Acuity, Zoey comfirmed it and told she was from Snowpoint City, hearing the story all the time. Zoey then told the heroes about the legend.

The next day, the match up for the battles were announced. Zoey was happy to see that Dawn wasn't nervous anymore and told the heroes that confidence is what Dawn needed to get through the first round of the second stage. Zoey then watched Dawn's, May's and Ash's battles. Zoey won the first round of the second stage by using her Shellos and the second round by using her Misdreavus. Zoey was surprised when Ash used Ice Aqua Jet with Buizel but she was sad when Ash lost in his second round against Kyle. After the second round ended, Zoey had to face May in the semi-finals. Later that afternoon, the heroes and Zoey were talking about the performances and Zoey stated that she will get the Aqua Ribbon even she had to defeat a friend for it.

The next day, the heroes and Zoey watched the battle of Dawn and Kyle and Zoey stated to May that they should look at their battling style as one of them would face either Zoey or May. After the battle between Dawn and Kyle ended, which Dawn won, Zoey faced May. Zoey used her Glameow while May used her Beautifly. At the end of the round, Zoey lost to May with only a small difference. Zoey warned Dawn to be careful of May and stated that she had learned a lot from May when they were battling. Zoey was happy after Dawn was able to defeat May and Zoey bid farewell to May at the end of the day, who returned back to Johto and wished Zoey and Dawn good luck in their future contests.

Dawn once again remembered the advice Zoey gave her after her contest in Solaceon Town. Zoey battled a trainer with her Mismagius and the heroes cheered for her. Zoey however lost and shaked hands with the trainer, thanking her for the battle. Zoey introduced the trainer, who was Fantina, to the heroes and told them that Fantina was the Hearthome City Gym Leader and a Top Coordinator. Ash became mad on Fantina for leaving her gym and Zoey proposed to her to explain the same thing she explained to her. Zoey told Dawn that it was just a game when Dawn lost the coin flip to Ash and Zoey watched the battle between Fantina, who used her Drifloon which later evolved into a Drifblim, and Ash, who used his Buizel, Chimchar and Pikachu. Ash lost the battle and later that night, Zoey showed Dawn her third ribbon, stating that Shellos came through to win it for her. Ash recalled Zoey's battle against Fantina in his gym battle against Fantina. While the gang walked to Snowpoint City, a flashback of what happened so far on their journey was shown.

Zoey was waiting for the heroes near Snowpoint City, her hometown. The heroes arrived and Brock stated that it had been a long time since they saw Zoey, which Zoey agreed to. While walking to in Snowpoint City, an Abomasnow emerged from a tree and Glameow negated its attack. Candice is revealed to be sitting in the tree and Zoey told that it was good to see Candice again. While Candice was amazed by Dawn's jacket, Zoey pushed Candice and stated that she needed to introduce herself to the heroes. Zoey, Candice and the heroes started to walk through Snowpoint City and Zoey showed Dawn that she just needed one more ribbon before she was able to compete in the Grand Festival. Almost arriving at the Pokémon Trainer School, Zoey explained what the school was for to the heroes. While Ash and Dawn attended the course Candice was giving, Zoey and Brock were watching the course. After the course, Zoey and Dawn were in the shack, where Zoey and Candice raised Glameow. Zoey told the heroes the story of how she found Glameow and how she met Candice. When Candice asked the heroes if Zoey told the heroes that there cannot be anyone who pursued after Contests and Gym Battles, Zoey then admitted it was because she believed that she could achieve greatness if focusing on one way. Dawn was relieved that she and Zoey were on the same level, both having four ribbons, but Candice got upset and told them that they were rivals and needed to show fighting spirit in order to win. Team Rocket stole the Poké Ball from the trainer school and Zoey, Candice and the heroes went outside to stop Team Rocket and retrieve the Poké Balls.

The next day, Zoey and the heroes went to Snowpoint Gym where Ash was going to battle Candice. Zoey, Dawn and Brock watched the battle and when Abomasnow was sent out, Zoey stated that Candice and Abomasnow were a good team. After Abomasnow defeated two of Ash's Pokémon, Zoey was amazed by Abomasnow's power. Ash was able to defeat Candice and Zoey was happy for him. When Ash got his badge, Zoey met Paul, who appeared and wanted to challenge Candice for a gym battle. Dawn told Zoey about the rivalry between Ash and Paul and Candice stated that Zoey and Dawn were rivals as well but their rivalry was nothing compared to that. When Paul started to insult Ash, Zoey stepped in and intimidated him but Dawn pulled Zoey to her. Paul left and Zoey stated that she hoped that Candice would beat Paul. The next day, Zoey was introduced to Reggie, the brother of Paul, and she noticed that Paul and Reggie were very different from each other. Zoey and the heroes saw that the Battle Pyramid flew by and they went to its location where it landed. There, Zoey met Pyramid King Brandon and when Dawn asked if there was a temple in Snowpoint City, Zoey comfirmed it and told that there was some history associated with it. Zoey then watched the battle between Brandon and Paul, which Paul lost. After the battle, Candice stated that Zoey needed to train with her, so Zoey and Candice left the group with Candice's Dodrio.

The heroes encountered some Shellos, who were blue, and they recalled Zoey having a Shellos but hers was pink and not blue. Zoey participated in the Brussel Town Contest and she won there her fifth ribbon after she defeated Rebecca. Zoey thanked Candice for supporting her and after the contest, the heroes congratulated her on her victory. Candice told them they should hold a party as Zoey got her final ribbon and they celebrated. Zoey asked how Dawn was doing and Dawn said that she was going to participate in Daybreak Town, reminding herself of what Zoey said to her after the Solaceon Town Contest. After the party, Zoey visited Ash and Brock and she asked them were Dawn was. They stated that she was practicing and Zoey went to watch her. Zoey stated that she would train with her when Dawn told her that she was having some doubts on the combinations. The next day, Zoey watched Dawn's training, along with the rest, and Dawn accepted Zoey's challenge after some training. Zoey used her Leafeon and Kirlia, her two new Pokémon, against Dawn's Mamoswine and Cyndaquil. Leafeon and Kirlia were able to defeat Mamoswine and Cyndaquil after the combination failed. After the battle, they shook hands and Zoey stated that it was a good idea for the combination, Dawn only needed some time to think about it on how to execute it perfectly.

Zoey watched Dawn's performance from Daybreak Town with Candice on TV in Snowpoint City. Zoey appeared at the Grand Festival and she reunited with Dawn. She also met Kenny and Nando again and Dawn asked if she hadn't forgotten the promise they made. Zoey said she hadn't and that they would face each other in the finals. Zoey watched the performances of the first round of the other coordinators and she used a water stage for her performance, where she used her Lumineon and Gastrodon. Zoey, along with Dawn, Nando, Ursula and Jessilina, passed the first round and she bid farewell to Kenny, who didn't advance to the next round, at the end of the day. Zoey visited Dawn's training the next day in the morning with Nando and told Dawn that she had a nice performance but that she still had many more stages to pass. Zoey later watched the battle between Dawn and Ursula, stating that she was looking forward to the battle, and she was impressed when by Dawn's performances when she won, also being happy that Dawn won the round. It was later shown that Zoey advanced through the second round with her Luminion and Gastrodon.

Zoey passed the third round by using her Gastrodon and Glameow and made it into the semi-finals along with Dawn, Nando and Jessilina. Zoey had to face Nando in the semi-finals while Dawn faced Jessilina. Later that night, Zoey made a walk as she was nervous for the semi-finals and she was glad to find out that she wasn't the only one who was nervous when she met the heroes and Nando. She told Nando to make a great performance tomorrow and wished Dawn good luck for her battle. The next day, the first semi-final started and Zoey faced Nando. Zoey used her Mismagius and Leafeon while Nando used his Kricketune and Lopunny. Both coordinators battled hard against each other and both were also impressed by the performances the opponent did. Zoey revealed to Nando that when she saw that she had to face Nando in the semi-final, she was determinted to use her Mismagius to counter Sing with Mismagius' Lucky Chant. Dawn stated that Zoey and Nando were showing what Contest Battles were really like. Both coordinators' points were evenly dropping but Zoey was able to have more points left than Nando and she won the semi-final. Zoey hugged her Leafeon and Mismagius and shook hands with Nando. Zoey and Dawn crossed paths when Dawn was walking towards the stage. Zoey told Dawn to do her best while Dawn told her to wait for her in the finals and she watched the semi-final between Dawn and Jessilina. The day of the finals had arrived and Zoey faced Dawn in the finals.

Zoey used her Glameow and Gallade while Dawn used her Piplup and Togekiss in the finals. Zoey mentioned that they finally made it into the finals, as they promised each other back at the Jubilife Contest, and that they should do their best to win. Both coordinators showed some nice and new performances with their Pokémon. Zoey was able to push Dawn into a corner at the beginning of the battle by taking the lead. Johanna mentioned that Zoey trained Glameow's tail very well when Glameow was able to combine with Gallade's moves. Dawn started to make a comeback when Zoey started to lose more points and Zoey was impressed by it while she was ordering her Glameow and Gallade to make some combinations with their moves. The final showdown was between Zoey's combination of Glameow's Thunderbolt and Gallade's Psycho Cut and Dawn's combination with Piplup's Peck and Togekiss' Sky Attack when their points were even. Time ran out and Zoey had slighty more points than Dawn, thus becoming the winner of the finals and Top Coordinator. Zoey hugged her Glameow and Gallade and thanked them. Dawn congratulated her and Zoey was happy to see that Dawn took her lose well. Zoey then received the Ribbon Cup from Fantina. After the Grand Festival, Zoey and Dawn were talking about the finals. Dawn congratulated Zoey once more on becoming a Top Coordinator while Zoey stated that she didn't feel like one yet and thanked Dawn for the amazing battle. When Dawn asked what Zoey was going to do, Zoey told her that she was returning to Snowpoint City as Candice was throwing a party for her. Nando come and told the two that it was a fantastic battle they showed. Nando then left and Zoey asked if Dawn wanted to come with her to Snowpoint City. Dawn declined, stating that she still had something to do, and Zoey asked if it was rooting for Ash. Dawn comfirmed it and Zoey then bid farewell to Dawn. Zoey was mentioned by Dawn when she thought of calling Zoey about her Buneary being a model for a magazine.


  • Zoey's Glameow is her first Pokémon. She met her when she was little.


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