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Zoey Brooks is a fictional titular character and the main protagonist on the Nickelodeon original series, Zoey 101. Zoey is the oldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, and the older sister of Dustin Brooks.


With her combination of brains and beauty, Zoey is definitely someone you'd want to hang with. She's a quick thinker and always saves the day with her smarts and problem-solving skills. Nothing stops her from standing up for her beliefs. Zoey's got enough charm to win over just about everyone. Good thing, because she's gonna need all the friends she can have as one of the first girls in a former all-boys boarding school.


Zoey is a very friendly person. She often is shown to be caring and compassionate towards others. She is also very girly, and her favorite color is pink, as she owns lots of pink things like; a Jet X, a laptop and other things. Zoey often forgets her room key, so she made her own necklace with her key on and painted pink spots on it and also added a sparkling hot pink 'Z' pendant. Zoey likes to spend time with her friends at Sushi Rox, eating lunch, doing homework in the lounge and hanging out in their dorm rooms. Zoey is portrayed as sensible, playful, honest, opinionated and intelligent individual. She's a born leader with the ability to rally others to join her cause. Zoey is a very smart beautiful intelligent young lady she always head to victory and towards being smart... and intelligent she always has faith in her self and her friends very much.


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