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Zohanele "Zohan" Dvir, also known as Scrappy Coco, is the eponymous protagonist of the 2008 comedy film You Don't Mess with the Zohan. He is a former Israeli counter-terrorist who immigrated to America so that he could live his dream and start a new life as a hairstylist. He is played by Adam Sandler, who has also portrayed Happy GilmoreBilly Madison, Bobby Boucher, Little NickyDavey StoneWhitey Duvall, Skeeter Bronson, Sam Brenner, Dracula in Hotel Transylvania, Q*bert in Pixels and Donny Berger.


Zohan is a carefree-hearted who loves taking care of other people's hairs. Whether, he makes them bald or bountiful. Aside from his hobby, he is skilled martial arts to kick countless bad guys' butts infinite times.  Near the end of the film, he made a heroic bond and friendship with Fatoush "Phantom" Hakbarah and Salim, his former enemies.


At the beginning of the film, Zohan was having fun in the beach time with countless men and women. He prepares foods for everyone he befriended. When the vacation time was finished, Zohan embarked on a mission to fight Fatoush "Phantom" Hakbarah, a Palestinian superhuman who's his archenemy. He then let his rival win by faking his own death so that he could pursue his dream as a hairdresser by secretly immigrating to America.


Enhanced Flexibility - Zohan is able to bend and twist their body beyond the normal limits of physiology, although still only from the joints. Their hypermobile joints, muscles, tendons and physiology in general allow the user perform near-boneless looking contortions without stress or damage and stay in any position they choose as long they need without effort or strain.