Zooey is a character who appears in the Sonic Boom television series. She is an anthropomorphic fox who lives on Bygone Island and Tails's love interest.


Zooey is a beautiful humanoid fox “Vixen” of average height and slender built. She has yellow fur with a white muzzle and inner ears, a small black nose, medium-large triangular ears, and blue eyes with one eyelash each.

She also has a long fluffy tail with a white tip, long hair which she wears in a red hairband with a lock on each side of her head, and a tuft of hair on her forehead.

For attire she wears a crimson sheath dress with a white button near her left shoulder underneath her dress she wears crimson underwear, crimson bracelets and crimson slippers.

Her Story

Season 1

When the Justin Beaver fever came to the Bygone Island, Zooey became a mindless Justin fan girl and consumer after hearing Justin's mind control music. After spending her money on Justin's merchandise and autograph, Zooey attended his concert where she saw Justin and Dreamboat Express have a sing-off.

During it, Zooey was freed from the mind control by Dreamboat Express, now Dude-itude.

As Zooey carried on her daily routines around the Village, she was met by Tails, who had a crush on her, several times.

In each encounter, Zooey saw Tails act either cool, manly, romantic or ritualistic towards in awkward ways (as Tails just wanted to talk to her), but all it did was make her feel uncomfortable.

When Zooey got caught by Giant Robot during one of Dr. Eggman's attacks though, she was saved by Tails who got rid of the robots. Thanking Tails, Zooey gave him a kiss and finally began reciprocating his feelings.

Season 2

She was among those who destroyed the hypnotized robots that were manipulated by Hypnobot.


Zooey is a very sweet, well-mannered and kind-hearted girl. She is equally considerate, being worried about Tails' strange behavior when he tried to talk to her even though he freaked her out, and grateful to those that help her.


  • Zooey is the second character in a Sonic TV series whom Tails had a crush on, the first being Cosmo the Seedrian from Sonic X.



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