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Zubora and Gabora are two characters from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


Zubora is a short, thin Terminan Hylian and Gabora is a gigantic, hulking creature whose race is unknown.

Majora's Mask

Due to the evil actions of the Skull Kid (or at least the mask itself, that his largely controlling him). Snowhead has been experiencing the perpetual winter, which had frozen the forge. After Link destroys the boss Goht inside the Snowhead Temple, and restores spring to the mountain, melting the ice that has been covering the forge.

With the forge unfrozen, Link can offer his Kokiri Blade to the two blacksmiths for 100 rupees. Upon returning for the sword, Zabora informs Link that they have upgraded the Kokiri sword into the Razor blade, a sword that is stronger than the original. They can increase and permanently upgrade Links' Razor blade into the Gilded Sword if the player brings them a bottle of some Gold Dust.

In the end credits of the game, Zabora and Gabora are see amongst the crowd attending Guru Guru's performance at the Milk Bar (that is, if the player has completed the latter's mission and obtained the Bremen Mask).


  • Gabora not only resembles Torr from the Mortal Kombat series, but many similarities to him:
    • Both are always seen with a partner that are smaller and handle the communication (Zubora and Ferra).
    • Both wear masks that covers their face and shows one eye and only speaks in grunts.
    • Both are large and muscular.
    • Both are understood by their partners.


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