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Zudomon is the Ultimate form of Ikkakumon. His known attack is Hammer Spark with which he strikes the ground with his electric-filled hammer and creates an electric arrow. Another of his well-known attacks is Hammer Boomerang, with which he throws his hammer as a boomerang.

In the English version, he is voiced by Michael Sorich of Digimon Adventure series and returned to reprise his role in Digimon Adventure tri..

In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Junko Takeuchi.

Digimon Adveture

When Joe Kido saved T.K. Takaishi from drowning and was drowning himself, his crest then began to glow and it made Ikkakumon evolved into Zudomon. After evolving, Zudomon saved Joe from drowning and began fighting MegaSeadramon, and he defeated MegaSeadramon, followed by Joe, T.K. and Patamon continued on his journey toward Odaiba. He even fought Myotismon with other Digimon partners and they gave Angewomon the power to defeat Myotismon. Zudomon also fought the Dark Masters and Apocalymon with Joe Kido, and after defeating all opponents, he and Joe saved both the Digital World and the Real World with their friends.

Digimon Adventure 02

In Australia, Zudomon and Submarimon tried to bring all Digimons in Australia back into the Digital World, and they received help from one of Australia’s DigiDestined, Derek, and his Digimon partner, Crabmon. During the mission, they also received Scorpiomon, and when Crabmon evolved into Coelamon, they managed to stop Scorpiomon and return all Digimons in Australia back to the Digital World. And when Daemon and his minions appeared in Tokyo, he and Angemon fought against one of Daemon's minions, MarineDevimon. During the battle, he struck MarineDevimon with his hammer, but MarineDevimon protected himself with his arms, and then fled the scene with his ink cloak.

Digimon Adventure tri.


Zudomon appeared during the battle against an infected Imperialdramon seemingly summoned by the Digimon Emperor. After Joe realize the importance of being there for Gomamon, he managed to digivolve him to Zudomon and then Imperialdramon attacks before digivolving to the next level.


Zudomon appeared during the battle to stop a more beserk Meicrackmon along with the other Digimon partners in their Ultimate level. He was the first to be taken down by her increasing powers.


  • Vulcan's Hammer
  • Hammer Boomerang