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Ya know what, kid? You got pluck. I hate pluck!
~ Zugor

Zugor is an elderly hermit ape who is considered a monster by all animals in the jungle. He first appears in Tarzan 2, the midquel.

He is voiced by the late George Carlin.


Terk and Tantor are seen playing Zugor. The actual Zugor is depicted as an elderly ape. Zugor is mostly helped by Tarzan. However, his antics are bad by hurting animals and also getting in their territory, which makes them angry. Uto and Kago sent by Mama Gunda also attempt to kill Zugor and Tarzan. The two angry gorillas destroy his house. As a misunderstanding when Tarzan rescues Kala, Mama Gunda reforms to fall in love with Zugor.


  • Zugor has a slightly resemblance with Cranky Kong.
  • Samuel E. Wright, Keith David,