Zunar-J-5/9 Doric-4-7, better known as Jake, is the main protagonist of Disney's 1978 live-action film The Cat from Outer Space. He is an extraterrestrial cat, who once found himself stranded on the planet Earth when he is forced to crash-land his spaceship.

He was voiced by Ronnie Schell and was portrayed by Rumple and Amber.


While Jake often points out how far behind humans are compared to his own species in technology and science, however, Jake does not think himself better than humans.


Jake was once piloting his space craft when he was forced to make an emergency landing on Earth. When the Army takes his space ship into custody, Jake realizes that he needs help to not only get his ship back, but repair it as well, since the Mother Ship cannot send a rescue vessel in time. Tracking the military to the Energy Research Laboratory (E.R.L.) Jake uses his special collar to spy on the top energy specialists in the country, hoping to find an ally. While none of them possesses the knowledge that Jake needs, a theoretical scientist named Dr. Frank Wilson catches Jake's attention when he explains that the propulsion unit from Jake's ship, which the military had brought only wishing to learn it's what makes it tick, is tapping the Primal Mainstream. More commonly referred to as electromagnetic energy pulled in from the universe itself. Frank is rebuffed in his claims due to his odd sense of humor but Jake sees he has potential.


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